Film, Television and Digital

Wanda Music Entertainment Group is a leading media company with film, television and digital divisions dedicated to owning, producing and delivering content to mainstream audiences with a targeted focus on developing originality.







Wanda Music Entertainment Group offers full-service licensing consulting and operates as a licensing agency in Asia territories that connects brand owners and manufacturers to extend well known brands into new retail products. We create and manage merchandise licensing programs that unlock the full potential of brands. Our licensing team fosters successful partnerships between licensees and licensors, and strengthens relationships between brands and consumers.

We have global and local networks of dedicated experts bringing fans, brands and cultures together. We always think strategically and creatively to produce one of a kind branded experiences and campaigns for clients around the globe. From long-form and short-form content to immersive events. Original compositions to live showcases. We don't do ordinary, and neither should our clients.




Wanda Music Entertainment Group is a full-service extension to the independent label and artist community. Building on the experience and success of our partners which have over 30 years of history (one of the U.S's largest independent distribution companies), Wanda Music continues to defined itself as a successful service company for a diverse roster of labels and artists. Wanda Music Entertainment Group through it's network has also helped deliver career best results for artists by providing full services including Distribution, Branding, Synch, Radio Promotion, On-Line Marketing, Product Management, and more.

Wanda Music Entertainment Group and partners define the essence of the independent culture and spirit while bringing all of the leverage of a major to the marketplace. Driven by commitment, passion and hustle, Wanda Music Entertainment Group delivers a transparent, flexible and tailor-made vehicle to super-serve, support and nurtures the independent community, artist and label. 

Read on below to understand Wanda Music Entertainment Group's amazing entertainment services and realize opportunities today!


When it comes to music publishing, working with Wanda Music Entertainment Group means you experience the strength of a major, the passion and commitment of an indie. You work with some of the world's best music publishing professionals. You're connected to powerful synch and digital licensing relationships and provided with timely, accurate accounting and reporting.

Wanda Music Entertainment Group will introduce your music to the industry's leading artists, A&R staff, managers and producers. We'll connect you with other great songwriters for unique global co-writing opportunities.

Our international synch team will pitch, promote and license your music for use in film, trailers, video games, commercials or web videos. We also put your music directly in front of your audience on the digital music services that matter. We ensure recordings of your songs are properly licensed. A single simple passport to a world of digital opportunity. Your digital rights, your royalties, expertly managed.

Playing live has never been more important. And neither has collecting the live performance royalties that you are entitled to. Wherever your song is played we ensure every play counts.


Label Management

Wanda Music Entertainment Group label managers work closely with each label to identify the marketing and sales goals of each release. There are many opportunities to take advantage of within the Wanda Music Entertainment Group infrastructure and our label management team will help you navigate through them depending on the needs of the label and their release. They are here to effectively communicate to our international, national and regional sales team the highlights and drivers for each of your projects. In addition, they can develop individual marketing plans according to the goals presented at the onset of a release. The product managers are your main conduit to the Wanda Music Entertainment Group team and work closely with all departments.


Wanda Music Entertainment Group is a full service marketing agency specialized in music, providing services in advertising, college + lifestyle marketing, digital marketing, publicity, brand/strategic marketing, licensing, retail marketing, art direction + design, and consumer insights.

Consumer Insights

Wanda Music Entertainment Group has access to today’s best audience and behavioral measurement tools and will not only collect data about consumer behavior, but analyze and interpret it for you. We use leading tools such as ComScore, Radian6, Crimson Hexagon, Experian, Forrester, Next Big Sound, and Google Analytics to help turn your data into digestible insights that lead to smart marketing decisions.


Wanda Music Entertainment Group has access to the highest quality manufacturing and production facilities as used by Universal Music Group. However we also have the freedom to source third party manufacturing outside of the Universal / EDC ecosystem to deliver best prices and quality.  

Sales & Distribution

Wanda Music Entertainment Group utilizes our relationship with our partners giving us access to Universal Music Group’s commercial teams across the world to maximize revenues and promotional impact. Wanda Music Entertainment Group has access to more commercial partners than any competitor, the ability to use the leverage power of Universal Music Group, over 650 digital partners across streaming/mobile/video/downloads, constant contact with iTunes/Spotify/Vevo and all important partners by our dedicated commercial teams, and a fully integrated global D2C operation building unique product ideas and bundles via dedicated artist/label stores.

Radio Promotion

Wanda Music Entertainment Group works with it’s team to offer full radio promotion services with the goal of creating awareness, broadening exposure, driving fan engagement, and sales. The radio team consists of format leaders strategically located across the United States allowing the coverage of Alternative, Active Rock, AAA, Top 40 & Rhythmic, Hot AC, Mixshow, Urban AC, and Urban Mainstreams. 

Live Events

Wanda Music Entertainment Group is a presenter of live music and entertainment events. Wanda Music Entertainment Group along with partners, focuses on promoting and exporting international acts to other countries around the world helping artists and their brands expand beyond their current success in home markets.



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